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Key to Health
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Nourishment of the body 6; Categories of food 6; Flesh foods 6; Milk-animal food 6; Sterile eggs 7; Milk and sterile eggs 7; Milk and sterile eggs same kind of food 7; Medical opinion about diet 7; Man —a vegetarian 7; Fruits —Fresh and dry 7; Milk, curds and butter —necessary for the human body 7; Consequences of exclusion of milk from my diet 7; My vow of not taking milk 7; Goat's milk 7; The letter and spirit of the vow 8; Necessity of milk in diet 8; Drawbacks of milk 8; Domesticated animals hardly perfectly healthy 8; Apparently healthy animals in fact diseased 8; Boiled milk for safety 8; Cattle slaughtered for meat 9; Man's main worry 9; Balanced diet 9; Food needs of the human body 9; Tissue building substances 9; Meat and milk 9; Skimmed milk 9; Function of milk 9; Wheat, rice, juwar and other cereals 10; One cereal at a time 10; Extra strain upon digestion 10; Wheat —king among cereals 10; Flour with bhusi or pericarp 10; Food value of bhusi 10; Pericarp of the rice grain 10; Limit of pounding rice 10; Polishing why popular 10; Food value of rice polishing 10; Rice chapatis or cakes 11; Dipping chapati in dal gravy —not healthy 11; Advangates of proper mastication 11; Pulses 11; Food without pulses 11; Milk and pulses for whom 11; Varieties of pulses—difficult and easy to digest 11; Flesh food and pulses 11; Vegetables and fruits 11; A slur on the administration of India 11; Green vegetables for villagers 11; Land legislation bad from villagers' standpoint 12; Leafy vegetables 12; Starch-supplying vegetables 12; Vegetables serving as cereals 12; Certain vegetables to be eaten raw 12; Best time for taking fruits 12; Banana 12; Milk and banana make a perfect meal 12; Ghee and oil 12; Amount of ghee to be taken per day 12; Sweet oil; groundnut oil and cocoa-nut oil 12; Oil and ghee sold in the bazar generally useless 12; Brown and white sugar 13; Proper proportion of daily intake of sugar 13; Sweet foods 13; Taking sweets equivalent to robbery 13; Fried foods 13; Puris and Laddus etc. Englishmen and our customary food 13; Hunger and relish 13;


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