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Bliss was it to be young - with Gandhi
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     Jawaharlal : See Nehru.

    Kasturbai/Kasturba : Gandhi's wife. The second form is a cross between Kasturbai and Ba ("Mother"), the name commonly used in the ashram.

    Khadi : Homespun cloth. An economic reform program of Gandhi's promoting decentralized production.

    Krishna : To Hindus, an incarnation of God. Senior partner in the dialogue of the Bhagavad Gita.

   Maganwadi :  Maganlal Park. An estate in Wardha used by the Gandhians as one for their centres of activity. Named after deceased nephew, Maganlal.

    Mahadev/Mahadevbhai : Mahadev Desai, the author's father, and Gandhi's chief secretary.

    Mahatma : Great Soul. The popular title given to Gandhi. Somewhere between a saint and messiah.

    Neem : A tree with bitter leaves.

    Nehru, Jawaharlal : A senior political colleague of Gandhi, and later Prime Minister of India for its first seventeen years of independence.

    Pandit : A title of respect for learning, roughly the same as "Dr".

    Rama : See Ramayana.

    Ramayana : A Hindu holy book. Epic poem of the adventures of Rama, incarnation of God.

    Sabarmati : A major river of Gujarat province. Also, a village on the Sabarmati River, across from the city of Ahmedabad. (See also Sabarmati Ashram.)

    Sabarmati Ashram : Home base for Gandhi and his followers from 1917 to 1930. Located next to Sabarmati village, on the banks of the Sabarmati River, near the city of Ahmedabad. The scene of the first chapters of this book.

    Sanskrit : An ancient language of India, used for the holy books of Hinduism, and from which most modern Indian Languages are derived.

    Sari : A women's garment, made up of a single piece of untailored cloth wrapped around the body.


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