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Bliss was it to be young - with Gandhi
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: Truth-force. Gandhi's form of nonviolent direct action to achieve justice, based on refusing to cooperate with injustice, and taking suffering on oneself to awaken the opponent's conscience. Precludes harming the opponent,deceit, secrecy, retaliation, or hatred. In a wider sense, a way of life dedicated to the search for Truth, and its realisation in practical affairs. A Satyagrahi is one who practises Satyagraha.

    Sevagram : Service village. Common short form for Sevagram Ashram, home-base for Gandhi and his followers from 1936 until his death in 1948. Also — and originally — the name given by Gandhi to Segaon, a village near the city of Wardha in central India, next to which Sevagram Ashram sprang up.

    Sikh : Member of the Sikh religion, originating around 1500 in the north-west Indian province of the Punjab as a Hindu reform movement.

    Tagore, Gurudev Rabindranath : A great poet, artist, philosopher, and educator of India. Gurudev is a title popularly given to Tagore, meaning "Great Teacher".

    Untouchable : Someone from India's outcast group, normally confined to sanitation tasks that an ordinary Hindu would consider defiling.

    Viceroy : Chief representative of the British colonial government in India.

    Wardha : A city near the geographical centre of India. Also, the district surrounding that city. The national centres of Gandhian activity were located in this district beginning in 1933.


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