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The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi - Volume III
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    The present Volume, like the previous two, contains many petitions and memorials which, though signed by others, were undoubtedly drafted by Gandhiji. While the reasons for attributing their authorship to Gandhiji have been given at some length in Volume I (pp. xvii-xxi), a later document reproduced in this Volume (p. 269) states categorically that Gandhiji "prepared most of the representations submitted to the Colonial Office" during the years 1894-1901.

    Included in this Volume are Gandhiji's unsigned writings in Indian Opinion which were identified as his by Shri Chhaganlal Gandhi and the late Mr. H. S. L. Polak. Both of them were his associates in Indian Opinion and other work in South Africa, and they assisted the Editors during 1956-57. Apart from Gandhiji's general testimony offered in his auto-biographical writings as to his contributions to Indian Opinion, due consideration has been given also to conclusive evidence, wherever available, supporting or contradicting his authorship of specific items. Also included are translations from the Gujarati section of the weekly which have been attributed on reliable grounds to Gandhiji's pen.

    The Volume carries a number of letters and other documents based on unsigned office copies which are extant in original or in photostat. In case a document carries several signatures, only the prominent ones have been given.
Some documents drawn up by Gandhiji as a lawyer, such as briefs for counsel in litigation involving discriminatory laws and practices, have been included along with some purely professional legal documents by way of illustrative interest.

    In reproducing material, effort has been made to keep strictly to the original. Obvious typographical errors have been corrected and words abbreviated in the text have generally been spelt out in full.

    The date of a piece of writing, other than a newspaper or periodical article, or of a speech, is given uniformly at the top right-hand corner in the position customary for dating letters, even if, in a few cases in the original, it was given at the end. Where no date was given in the original, an approximate one is given in square brackets, and wherever necessary, reasons are stated for our inference. The date given at the end is that of publication. In the case of personal letters, the addressee's name is given uniformly at the top left. The source from which an item has been obtained is given at the end. Variant spellings of a name have been reproduced as in the original; for instance, Mancherji Bhownaggree, Wacha, Wadia. Also certain words, like licence and license, despatch and dispatch, and practice and practise, have been retained exactly as in the original.

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