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The Teaching of the Gita
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  The appetites of him who lives beyond
Depart, —aroused no more. Yet may it chance,
O Son of Kunti ! that a governed mind
Shall some time feel the sense-storms sweep, and wrest
Strong self-control by the roots. Let him regain
His kingdom ! Let him conquer this, and sit
On Me intent. That man alone is wise
Who keeps the mastery of himself ! If one
Ponders on subjects of the sense, there springs
Attraction; from attraction grows desire,
Desire flames to fierce passion, passion breeds
Recklessness; then the memory—all betrayed—
Lets noble purpose go, and saps the mind,
Till purpose, mind, and man are all undone.
But, if one deals with objects of the sense
Not loving and not hating, making them
Serve his free soul, which rests serenely in Lord,
Lo! such a man comes to traquillity;
And out of that tranquillity shall rise
The end and healing of his earthly pains,
Since the will governed sets the soul at peace.
The soul of the ungoverned is not his,
Nor hath he knowledge of himself; which lacked,
How grows serenity ? and, wanting that,
Whence shall he hope for happiness ?
The mind
That gives itself to follow shows of sense
Seeth its helm of wisdom rent away,
And, like a ship in waves of whirlwind, drives
To wreck and death. Only with him, great Prince !
Whose senses are not swayed by things of sense—
Only with him who holds his mastery,
Show wisdom perfect, What is midnight-gloom
To unenlightened souls shines wakeful day
To his clear gaze; what seems as wakeful day
Is known for night, thick night of ignorance,

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