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The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi - Volume III
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    All matter in italics introducing the text and in footnotes, as also matter within square brackets in the text, is supplied by the Editors. Round brackets in the text are as in the original. Where in the original, passages have been quoted by Gandhiji from other sources or, sometimes, his own writings, statements or reports, these have been given in small type in indented paragraphs.

    Most of the information which is considered helpful to the reader in understanding the text, as well as the glossary, has been given in the footnotes. Reference in footnotes to items published elsewhere in the Volume state the title of the item and the date of its origin or of publication, as the case may be. References, wherever they occur, are to the August 1958 edition of Volume I, and to the 1959 edition of Volume II.

    References to the Autobiography are to The Story of My Experiments with Truth by M. K. Gandhi, Navajivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad, and cite only the relative Part and Chapter in view of variant pagination in different editions.
The Volume carries a Chronology relating to the period covered and a brief note on sources.

    The symbol SN, given before the numbers of the photostats cited in the source, stands for the serial number of documents available in the Sabarmati Sangrahalaya, Ahmedabad, photostats of which are preserved in the Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya, New Delhi. Similarly, the symbol GN refers to documents available in the National Archives, New Delhi. The symbol CW stands for documents secured by The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi, the photostats of which are preserved in the National Archives, New Delhi.

As to the abbreviations sometimes given in the sources, "C.S.O." stands for "Colonial Secretary's Office", "C.O." for "Colonial Office", and "Lt. G." or "L.G." for " Lieutenant-Governor".

    The current Volume is presented in a size larger than the preceding two with a view to giving the reader more material in each Volume and reducing the number of Volumes in the series.

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