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Day to day with Gandhi - Volume II
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ing and virility among the people The only regret is that Mahadevbhai could not stay with Gandhiji all through the period. After the Punjab horrors of April 1919, Gandhiji got permission to go there as late as in October 1919. But Mahadevbhai was then laid in bed with typhoid and could not stir out for about four months. We are thus deprived of the description, from Mahadevbhai's charming pen, of the memorable scene between Gandhiji and Tilak Maharaj at the Amritsar Congress. Moreover, at Gandhiji's instance, Mahadevbhai stayed for sometime with Deshbandhu Das and for a much longer time with Pandit Motilal Nehru. A Bengali gentleman, Mr. Krishnadas, used to move about with Gandhiji at that time. He has written a book 'Seven Months with Gandhiji for that period.

    Another attractive feature of this Diary, as of others, is the excellent letters which Gandhiji wrote during the period. When Gandhiji had to suspend the Rowlatt Satyagraha owing to the outbursts of violence in Ahmedabad, Bombay and the Punjab, he issued leaflets to educate the public in the tenet of non-violent non-co-operation. These leaflets are reproduced in the Appendix. There are also some letters in it which explain to the public of Britain and others why Gandhiji was compelled to give up his loyalty to the British Empire and start non-co-operation.

March,                                                                                    Narhari Parikh

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