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The Teaching of the Gita
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preserve that equability was the question. How was one to treat alike insulting, insolent and corrupt officials, co-workers of yesterday raising meaningless opposition, and men who had always been good to one ? How was one to divest oneself of all possessions ? Was not the body itself possession enough ? Were not wife and children possessions ? Was I to destroy all the cupboards of books I had ? Was I to give up all I had and follow Him ? Straight came the answer : I could not follow Him unless I gave up all I had.

Implication of the Word 'Trustee'

    My study of English law came to my help. Snell's discussion of the Maxims of Equity came to my memory. I understood more clearly. In the light of the Gita teaching, the implication of the word 'trustee'. My regard for jurisprudence increased, I discovered in it religion. I understood the Gita teaching of non-possession to mean that those who desired salvation should act like the trustee who, though having control over great possessions, regards not an iota of them as his own. It became clear to me as daylight that non-possession and equability presupposed a change of heart, a change of attitude. I then wrote to Revashankerbhai to allow the insurance policy to lapse and get whatever could be recovered, or else to regard the premiums already paid as lost, for I had become convinced that God, who created my wife and children as well as myself, would take care of them. To my brother, who had been as father to me, I wrote explaining that I had given him all that I had saved up to that moment, but that henceforth he should expect nothing from me, for future savings, if any, would be utilized for the benefit of the community.
My Experiments with Truth : Part IV : Chap. V.

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