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Day to day with Gandhi - Volume III
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    "We cut ourselves free from nature by means of the power which we exert over natural forces; we even make her in turn our servant. But in so doing we lose our connection with her and enter into a universe of environmental conditions whose naturalness is fraught with manifold dangers. We force nature to work for us by means of mechanical devices. In the writings of Chuangtzu it is related that when one of Confucius' scholars saw a gardener who was making journey after journey to the well with a single bucket in order to fetch water for his flower borders, he asked him whether he would not like to have his labour lightened, 'How so?' replied the gardener. The scholar answered, 'Take a long wooden lever thick and heavy at one end and thin at the other. In this way it is possible to arrange matters, so that the water will be forced up without this constant stooping on your part. That's what they call a drawwell' But the gardener, who was a sage, replied, ' I have heard my teachers say that if anyone makes use of machines he gets into the way of doing all his business mechanically, and the man who does his business mechanically gets to have a machine-like heart; but if a man has a machine-like heart in his breast, he has lost his grasp of pure unity and becomes involved in complexity".1

                          *                               *                               *

    "Ethics is nothing else than reverence for life. Reverence for life affords me my fundamental principle of morality, namely, that good consists in maintaining, assisting and enhancing life; and that to destroy, to harm or to harm or to hinder life is evil".2

                         *                     *                     *                     *

    "All attempts to use me for any programme involving violence are bound to fail. I know not secret methods. I know of no diplomacy other than of truth. I have no weapon save of non-violence".

( translated )

    "It is the lack of moral perception--this want of faith in the elemental triumph of Truth and Non-violence".


    1-2 (sources not indicated)

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