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Day to day with Gandhi - Volume I
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      Extract from a letter dated 13-11-'17 to Miss Esther Ferring1 :

     *"Having been wandering about, I have not been able to reply to your letter… … To say that perfection is not attainable on this earth is to deny God. The statement about the impossibility of ridding ourselves of sin clearly refers to a stage in life. But we need not search scriptures in support of the assertion. We do see men constantly becoming better under effort and discipline. There is no occasion for limiting the capacity for improvement. Life to me would lose all its interest, if I felt that I could not attain perfect love on earth. After all what matters is that our capacity for loving ever expands. It is a slow process. How shall you love the men that thwart you even in well-doing ? And yet that is the time of supreme test I hope that you are now enjoying greater peace of mind.

    Let your love for the Ashram be a source of strength in our attempt to do our duty there. The Ashram is undoubtedly intended to teach us to do our assigned task with the utmost attention and with cheerfulness. There is no meaning in our wishes ( however pure ) not being fulfilled. Not our will but His may be done.



     1. Miss Esther Ferring first came to India from Denmark as a member of the Danish ( Christian ) Mission. From her contact with Gandhiji, she felt herself cramped in the Mission atmosphere and left it for good. After a short stay at Shantiniketan ( Poet Tagore's Residential University ) and then at Gandhiji's Ashram, she returned to her homeland. She has married an Indian, Dr. Menon.

     * The sign indicates the original writing.


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