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    advocate political opinions,
    79; should be humble, 12,
    56; should do constructive
    work, 60; should lead life
    of brahmacharya till end of
    their studies, 45, 215;
    should lead political move-
    ment as in China & Egypt,
    78, 79; should not touch
    liquor, 221; should shed
    fear, 39, 82; should throw
    away hypnotic dazzle of the
    West, 24; spend far more
    on delicacies & luxuries
    than they should, 151; their
    duty to parents, 209; their
    education is far too expen-
    sive for starving India, 96;
    their life should be of
    exemplary self-restraint,
    57; their life should be
    likened to that of a
    sannyasi, 56, 91; their
    worth would be measured
    by the service of the poor,
Swaraj, 52, 106, 109, 120, 128,
    136, 145, 170; and social
    re-ordering must go hand
    in hand, 171; see Self-
TAKLI, 131, 139
Teacher, 40, 48, 54; his work
    is more outside his class-
    room, 7
Tolerance, with regard to
    other faiths, 18
Tradition, its uprooting has
    created levity, 15
Truth, 8, 17; and non-vio-

    lence are greatest common
    factors of all great faiths,
    tion is in village service,
    110; problem can be solved
    if students rank themselves
    with labourers, 115
Untouchability, appeal for its
    removal only to savarnas,
    158; its removal, if work-
    ed out, would bring com-
    munal unity, 154, 159;
    work for its removal, 22,
    120, 125, 144
VACATION, how to use, 149-
    50; should be used for vil-
    lage service, 142
Village industries, 125, 133
Village life, should be touch-
    ed at all points, 143
Violence, has made West
    bankrupt, 74
Vivisection, responsible for
    slaughter of innocent life,
WEST, its restless search for
    truth, 168; its scientific
    spirit takes no note of
    God's lower creation, 98;
    its wind of impurity, 43
Widowhood, its sacredness
    can be preserved only
    when it is purged of child
    widowhood, 198
Women, should add to the
    family income, 114; should
    learn some handicrafts, 116
    try for social reform, 186

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