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Indian Home Rule or Hind Swaraj
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* Index
economic development (cont.)
    and labour, 178; and moral
    development, 156-8, 160-3; and
    village industries, 174
education, 100-6; adult education, 175;
    and English language, 103-6;
    health and hygiene in, 176; and 21n
    indigenous languages, 105;
    Macaulay's 'Minute', lvi, 103n;
    meaning of, 100
Emerson Club (London), 34n
Emerson, Ralph Waldo, xxxiii, xlv-xlvi
    6, 9n
England, xiv, xix, xxiv, xxv, lxiii, 30-3
    82, 130, 134, 163, 185; common
    law of, xxxiii; condition of, 30-3;
    poets and teachers of, 185; women,
English (people), xiv, xv, xx, xxxix, li
    lxii; brute-force not to be used
    against, 86-7; no enmity towards,
    119; HS addressed to, xiv, 113-5; as
    representatives of a belligerent
    civilisation, xx
English (language), xiii, xxix, xli, 103,
    103n, 104, 159; Gandhi's use of. ,
    105n, 155-6; medium of
    communication in colonial India,
    103-4, 116, 118; medium of
    instruction in colonial India, 103-4
Englistan, 28
Erikson, Erik H. xiii, lx, 30n, 97n;
    Gandhi's Truth, lx

Fakirs, 69, 69n
Free Hindustan (Free Hindustan), xxviii,
    xxix, 136

Gaekward, Sayaji Rao III, Maharaja of
    Baroda, 100, 100n
Gaelic American (New York), xxix
Gandhi, Chhaganlal, xxiv, 67n
Gandhi, Indira, lx
Gandhi, Maganlal, xlvi, 48n, 96n
Gandhi, Prabhudas, xiv, xxiv
Gandhi Marg, lix

Garibaldi, Giuseppe, 9n, 74, 75
Germany, xxviii, 86n, 109, 130
Ghose, Aurobindo, xxviii, xxx-xxxi,
    21n, 22n, 55n, 58; Bande Mataram,
    xxviii, xxx, 21n; Karmayogin, 21n
Ghose, Barindra Kumar, 21n; Jugantar,
Ghose, Manomohan, 58
Gladstone, William Ewart, 41
Glass, Philip, lx; Satyagraha (opera), lx
Goa, 53n
God, xlviii, 30, 49, 51, 53, 56, 71, 81, 92,
    123, 144, 167, 184, 190, 191; as
    truth, 10n; meaning of, 189
Gokhale, Gopal Krishna, xxx, lviii, 14-16
    16n, 22n; as Gandhi's political
    guru, lxx; and home rule, 14, 16,
Gorst, Sir, John, 45n
Gospels: St Luke, xiii; St, Mark,159-60;
    St Matthew, xiii, xli, 89n, 158
Greece, 66
Green, Martin, xxxvi
Gurudev (Tagore), 184

Habib, Hajee, 9n
hand-looms, 109, 109n
Hardwar, 48
Hastings, Warren, 20n
Heard, Gerald, xiii, lix, lxi
Herber, Bishop, 95n
Hind Swaraj: argument and structure of
    xiv-xvii, l-lviii; contemporary
    influences of, lx-lxii; and
    expatriate Indians, xxiv-xxix;
    history of text, lxiii-lxiv; and
    Indian Nationalist Movement,
    xxix-xxxii; Nehru on, 152-4;
    reception of, lviii-lix; and South
    Africa, xx-xxiv; suppression of, 5,
    7; sources of, xxxii, xlv, xlvii;
    Tolstoy on, 139
Hindi, 105, 105n, 114
Hinduism, xxxiv, 52-7, 106n, 172; Vedic
    religion, 54
Hindu (s), liii, lxviii, 49, 51, 52, 53,

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