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Indian Home Rule or Hind Swaraj
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* Index
Ramayana, xvi, xvii, xxvii, xlix, 6n, 49n,
Ramcharitmanas, 74n
Rameswaram, 48n
Ranade, Mahadev Govind, 84n, 85
Rao, Raja, lx
Reform Act of 1832, 81, 81n
religion, 37, 37n, 42-4, 88, 88n, 91, 115,
    190; and nationality, 53; and
    education, 105-6; as ethic (dharma),
    liv; as sect, liv, 42; and vivisection,
Renan, Ernest, xxxvii
rights, xvii, lxi, 13, 77, 82; and duties,
    67, 81-2, 82n; and real rights, 81;
    and satyagraha, 90, 90n
Rishis, 69
Rockefeller, John D., xlv
Rolland, Romain, xiii
Roman law, xxxiii, xxxv
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, xiii, xiv; Social
, xiii
Rowlands, Sir Archibald, 20n
Rowlatt Act, lxvi
Roy, M. N., lix; India in Transition, lix
Rudolph, Lloyd I., lxi
Rudolph Susanne, lxi
rural population, xxxii, 131; see also
Ruskin, John, xxxix-xlii, 6, 9n, 10n,
    34n, 60n, 68n, 69n; economic
    philosophy of, xl; and lawyers, 60n;
    and social affections, xli; The
    Political Economy of Art
'A Joy For
    Ever', xxxix; Sarvodaya, xli-xlii;
    Unto This Last, xl-xlii, 39n, 60n, 85n
Russia, 186-7; Rusian nihilism, xxv;
    Soviet Union, xxviii

Sabarmati ashram, xl, lxvii, 133
Salisbury, Lord, 185
salt march, lxvii, 20n
salt tax, 20, 20n, 118
Salter, William Maclntyre, xlv; Ethical
    Religion, xlv
Sanskrit, 105

satya (truth), xli, xlii, lvii; and rights
satyagraha, xxi, xlvi, l, lii, lv, lxi, 73n.
    85n, 90n, 91n, 92n, 93n, 95n, 98n,
    132, 181-2, 188; see also passive
Satyagraha in South Africa, xxii, 93n
Satyagrahi, li, lxii, 181-2; Socrates as,
Savarkar, Ganesh, 118n
Savarkar, V. D., xxvi-xxviii, xlvii, 6n,
    55n, 75n, 110n, 118n; The Indian
    War of Independence of 1857
, xxvii
Schlegel, Frederick von, 123
Schumacher, Fritz, lx
self, xlix-l; as atman, xlix; as dehin,
Seeley, Sir John, xlvii, 39n; Expansion of
, xlvii
self-defence, lvi
Sermon on the Mount, xxxvi
Sethi, J. D., li; Gandhi Today, li
Sevagram ashram, xl, lxvii
Shankara (Shankaracharya), 48n, 160
Sharp, Gene, lx
Shastris, 56n
Sherard, Robert Harborough, xliii,
    xliv-xlv; White Slaves of England,
    xliv, 36n
Shevetbindu Rameshwar, 48
Shiva, xlviii; followers of, 53
Shivaji, xxxi
Sikhism, 52n
Sikhs, lxviii, 115n
Sinn, Fein, 21n
Slade, Madeleine (Mira Behn), 86n
Smith, Adam, 156
Smuts, Jan Christian, xxi, lxvi
Socrates, xxxv
Soddy, Frederick, lix
soul, xxx, xlviii-xlix, 21n, 63n, 64n, 85,
    89, 90, 138; soul-force, 21n, 79n, 85
    88, 90, 93, 94, 112, 116, 118, 141
    146-7; and passive resistance, 90-3
South Africa, xiv, xx-xxiv, xlii, 7-8, 13,
    129, 132, 158

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