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Indian Home Rule or Hind Swaraj
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* Index
South African Chronicle (Durban), xxix
Spencer, Herbert, xxv, xxvi, xxviii,
    xxxvii, lviii, 28, 28n
Stephen, Sir James fitzjames, xix-xx,
    44n; 'Foundation of the
    Government of India', xix
Sthithaprajna (man of stady mind),
Stokes, Eric, 91n
Strauss, David, xxxvii
Strauss, Leo, xxxvii, lxi
Stuart, Sir H. A., 5n
suffragette movement, 37n, 93n
surajya (the good state), lii
sutee, xix
Swadeshi movement, xxv, 21, 21n,
    107n, 118, 140
Swami Dayananda, xxv, 54n, 160
Swami Vivekananda, xxxix, 6n, 21n
Swann, Maureen, xxi
swaraj, xv, xvi, xvii, xxxviii, xli, xlii,
    xlix, l, li, lii, lviii, 26-9, 92, 118-19,
    172; definition, 73; and extremists,
    27n; poorna swaraj, 170; as self-
    control, lii-liv, 118; as self-
    government, xxx, lii-liii, lxi, 113;
    as self-rule, xxx, xlix, l, lii, lii-liv,
    lv, lxi; and satyagraha, 92, 92and
   technology, lvii
syadavada, 10n

Talwar (Rotterdam and Berlin), xxviii
Tamil, 105
Tamil Nadu, 48n
Taylor, Thomas, F., xliii, 48n; Fallacy of
, xliii-xliv, 48n
technology, xxv, lvi-lvii, 69, 107-111,
    130, 132, 135; and cloth mills,
    107-109, 131; and Gokhale, 16n;
    and the poor, lvii; and rise of
    modern civilisation, 36
Tennyson, Lord, 181-2; 'Charge of the
    Light Brigade', 181; and satyagraha,
terrorism, xv, 77-8, 118, 118n;

    adopted by expatriates, xxv;
    legitimized by nationalism, xxvii,
Theresa, St xlvi
Thomas the Apostle, St, 53n
Thoreau, David Henry, xxxiii, xlv-xlvi,
    6, 9n, 116n
Tilak, Bal Gangadhar, xxvi, xxx, 16n
    21n, 22n, 55n; Kesari, xxx, 16n, 21n;
    Mahratta, xxx, 16n, 21n; Ganapathi
    festival, xxx
Tolstoy, Count Leo Nikolaevich, xxix,
    xxxiv, xxxvi-xxxix, lviii, 6, 9n, 10n,
    20n, 69n, 97n, 136-9, 143, 148;
    correspondence with Gandhi, 138,
    139; 'The first step', xxxviii; How
    Shall We Escape?,
xxxviii; The
    Kingdom of God is Within You,

    xxxvi-xxxvii; Letter to a Hindoo,
    xxxix; The Slavery of Our Times,
    xxxviii, 36n; What is Art?,
    xxxvii- xxxviii, 73n
Tolstoy Farm, xl, lxvi, 5n, 100n
Transvaal, xxi, 7, 9, 41, 133
Transvaal British Indian Association,
Transvaal Indian deputation, 9n
Tulsidas, xlix, 74n, 88, 88n;
    Ramcharitmanas, 74n
Twentieth Century, The (Boston), xxix
Tyabji, Baddrudin, xxx, 14

United Nations, 186, 187
United States of America, xxiv, xxviii,
    xxix, 130, 163, 185; economic
    conditions of, 160-1, 163; poets
    and teachers of, 185; as source of
    HS, xlv, xlvi
Upadhyaya, Brahmo Bandhap, 21n
Upanishads, xlix, 6n

Vancouver, xxviii
Vegetarian Society (London), xxxiii, The
    vegetarian (London), xxxiv
vegetarianism, xxxiii-xxxiv
Victor Emanuel II, King of Italy, 75

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