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Pathway to God
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     I deem it a privilege to be asked to contribute a Foreword to this slim volume of extracts from Gandhiji's writings and speeches. It is good to hark back to Gandhiji from time to time and get refreshed by what he had to say on human life and conduct as a Pathway to God, rather than as a selfish satiation of one's egoistic urges and sentiments. How far it will attract the young or influence their everyday life is more than I can say. Quite frankly I am little sceptical, but that is no reason why an attempt should not be made. Truth is its own justification and sooner or later, it is bound to tell.

    Nevertheless, I would like to put in a plea to my young friends to get acquainted with Gandhiji's thoughts on life as a Pathway to God. I know that many young people are allergic to the mention of God. They have seen too many people who talk of God and yet lead lives that find no relation to what they talk about. Nowhere do they find the gap between profession and practice so great as in the lives and the daily conduct of people who claim to be believers in God and would throw His name at the young on the slightest provocation. The young tend to associate mention of God with hypocrisy, bigotry, superstition and irrationality and it is not easy to attract their attention by talking about God. I do not blame the young for their attitude. We of the older generation are more to blame for taking the name of God and then denying Him in practice by the way we live. But Gandhiji was not like that. He was a man who practised what he preached; and acted as he believed. His faith in God was intense and unequivocal; and it was this that gave him the


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