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     This is an abridged edition of the volume To The Students published by the Navajivan Trust in 1949. That volume ran into over 300 pages. It contained in full all the matter by Gandhiji relating to students, and was arranged chronologically Valuable as such a volume is, it was felt that it might be useful also to have a smaller book which will put before the student world consisely and sysematically all that Gandhiji had to say to it, and in his own words. This present book is the outcome.

    The arrangement in it is necessarily topical. But dates are given under each quotation to show when it was written or uttered. The quotations are limited per force to words addressed by Gandhiji specifically to students.

    A cursory glance at the outline of contents will show that Gandhiji touched on every aspect of a student's life. It will also reveal that his greatest emphasis was on Religion, Character and Service. He knew the great importance of youth, and more especially of studentship, and saw the vital need to direct its perplexities, its enthusiam and energy along lines which will bring the greatest happiness to it and to the nation and the world.

    It is hoped that students will carefully study and take to heart the imperishable message that Gandhiji undoubtedly has for them.

    Chicago, 8-11-'50                              BHARATAN KUMARAPPA  

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