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    I have benefited by discussion with, and comments from, Mr. Leonard Mark Middleton, Lecturer, Corporate Strategy & International Business, and Entrepreneurship.
    I am thankful to Ms. Cathy Smile, Writing Consultant, for proof-reading the first draft of my thesis, and Mr. John Morrow, Adjunct Lecturer of Business Communication, for meticulously proof-reading the second draft.
    I am deeply grateful to: Mr. Prashant Kale, Assistant Professor, Corporate Strategy, who read the entire manuscript with care, skill, and patience, providing me with some invaluable insights and comments; Ms. Sumathi Ramaswamy, Associate Professor of History, College of Literature, Science & the Arts, who guided me through the nitty-gritty of the research process and pointed me towards the most useful research sources; and Mr. George Siedel, Williamson Family Professor of Business Administration & Professor of Business Law, who provided me with ample guidance, encouragement, and motivation, and also furnished me with the Harvard Business School cases that I used for applying the Gandhian ideas.
    Over and above everything else, I express sincere gratitude to my sister Ms. Dharini Parikh and my parents, without whose love, support, and blessings, I would never have been able to complete the research thesis.

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