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Mahatma Gandhi - Reflection on his Personality and Teachings
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     THIS booklet is an attempt to recapture, for the general reader, some of the musings of Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru, on the personality and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. It brings together, within a brief compass, nearly everything of significance that Sri Nehru spoke or wrote about Mahatma Gandhi following his assassination in 1948.

    The book has been placed to read as a continuous essay and tries to preserve the random, racy and spontaneous style that is characteristic of Nehru's speeches and writings, including the tendency of his thought to repeat itself for emphasis.

    This book is essentially a reproduction of the Bhavan's earlier publication, brought out in collaboration with Gandhi Smarak Niddhi, entitled "Freedom From Fear", except for a few additions and deletions. The book has also been renamed "Mahatma Gandhi - Reflections On His personality and Teachings".

    An attempt has been made in this edition, to place under suitable headings each subject in a separate chapter for the benefit of the readers. It is hoped that this will facilitate in finding Sri Nehru's views on each subject, unlike the continuous narration in the earlier edition.

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