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Gandhi's Human Touch
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Gandhi's Human Touch

bullet I shall die by a fast." He said: "If Gandhi dies in the battle of freedom, I shall not tolerate his death. I shall revolt against this government and ask them to fire at me and if they do not fire a bullet, I will undertake a fast unto death and die as a compensation for father of nation's life."

    Such sterling men were created by Gandhi out of the dust —men more glittering than gold, men of character, men of suffering. That was the human touch of Gandhi. Mahadev Desai had a son, Narayan. He has written a very fine book in Gujarati. Chitra Desai has translated it under the caption, 'Rose and Fire'. In that she has narrated a poignant story. Before his entering the jail, Narayan told his father, Mahadev Desai: "Father, I will pack up your luggage." Mahadev Desai observed: "This time no luggage will be required, because Gandhi is going to die in the prison." Mahadev Desai was arrested alongwith Gandhi and he knew well that this time Gandhi was determined to die. "I have lived with Gandhi but I do not want to see his death. I feel so much agonized, my sensitive heart is so disturbed that I don't think, I will live for more than 7 days in prison." Mahadev Desai entered the Aga Khan Palace jail on 9th August 1942. alongwith Gandhi and he died exactly on the 7th day, on 15th August 1942. Probably, he had the premonition that he would die. After his death Gandhi said: "All my colleagues tried to persuade me with words not to undertake fast unto death in the jail, but my disciple, Mahadev Desai, knowing fully well that Mahadev alive cannot persuade Gandhi to give up the fast, died and through his death he has persuaded me to


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