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undergo voluntary starvation in order that they may be nursed, fed and clothed.
     Speeches and Writings of Mahatma Gandhi, 4th Edn., pp. 384-85

Enjoy Thy Wealth by Renouncing It

     The rich should ponder well as to that what is their duty today. They who employ mercenaries to guard their wealth may find those very guardians turning on them. The moneyed classes have got to learn how to fight either with arms or with the weapon of non-violence. For those who wish to follow the latter way, the best and most effective mantram is: ¦ãñ¶ã ¦¾ã‡ã‹¦ãñ¶ã ¼ãìâ•ããè©ãã : ý (Enjoy thy wealth by renouncing it). Expanded it means: "Earn your crores by all means. But understand that your wealth is not yours; it belongs to the people.Take what you require for your legitimate needs, and use the remainder for soceity." This truth has hitherto not been acted upon; but, if the moneyed classes do not even act on it in these riches and passions and consequently of those who overpower them.

    I see coming the day of the rule of the poor, whether that rule be through force of arms or of non-violence. Let it be remembered that physical force is transitory even as the body is transitory. But the power of the spirit is permanent, even as the spirit is everlasting.
      Harijan,1-2-1942,p. 20

    To take something from another without his permission is theft of course. But it is also theft to use a thing for a purpose different from the one


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