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Day to day with Gandhi - Volume V
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page 415/416

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          but if you break word,
          that would enrage me
     it will like giving me a
          cup of poison if you
          break your promise
          once made 80
     make it impossible for you
          to break your word,
          once it is given 66
     mother asked me to take
          3—s 134
     my resolve to take Ramnam

          before I go to bed 265
     never go back on your
          resolve 214
     "O Rama, give me the
          strength to keep my—'
     promise has to be kept,
          whatever the cost 66
     remember the condemna-
          tion of a man of bad
           faith 91
     Take a vow not to commit
          a theft 214
     take pledge in the name of
          God and fulfill it 91,
     to break one's word is to
          make a retreat 214
     to pass a resolution is to
          give a solemn promise
     When you make a rule,
          follow it up at any cost

     a girl among the partidars
          an unwelcome event
     a sati can be made out
          from her face 210
     education of—108
     emulate Sita's example 232
     heavy expenses after a dau-
          ghter's marriage 280
     I am roaming the world
          over for the protection
          of the honour of—304
     I beg of Indian—to raise
          themselves in purity
     if a woman looks down
          upon antyajas she
          ceases to be a sati 232
     if—like Sita, Damayanti are
          born in India our sal-
          vation a certainty 109
     I have turned myself into a
          woman 304
     Indian—to play their part
          in public life 201, 211
     is there anything which
          educates—more than
          spinning wheel ? 108
     I want the redress of the
          sorrows of—, of the
          wretched, of the un-
          touchables 304
     majority of — in Bengal spin
          even today 115

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