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Mahatma Gandhi and one World
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the organisation of the masses within the bounds of non-violence.

     While working with and through the Indian National Congress, he clearly defined Purna Swaraj as "full economic freedom for the toiling millions. It is no unholy alliance with any interest for their exploitation". (Selections, p. 106). At the Round Table Conference in London in 1931, while speaking as the sole representative of the Congress, he said again, "I will therefore state the purpose. It is complete freedom from alien yoke in every sense of the term, and this for the sake of the dumb millions. Every interest, therefore, that is hostile to their interest must be revised or must subside if it is not capable of revision" (Selections, p. 106).

    At bottom, Gandhi can be regarded as an anarchist, believing more in voluntary organisation of the toiling millions rather than in the State. But as a practical man who believed in democratic institutions and shunned the idea of ever founding a political sect of his own, he tried to steer the ship of the Congress in a direction where it would commit itself to the organisation of the strength of the masses and to freedom.

    In this respect, he worked as a universalist rather than as a narrow nationalist. And here also lies the secret of


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