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piling of armaments. Some day there will be an explosion, and then Europe will be a veritable hell on earth. Non-white races are looked upon as legitimate prey by every European state. What else can we expect where covetousness is the ruling passion in the breasts of men ? Europeans pounce upon new territories like crows upon a piece of meat. I am inclined to think that this is due to their mass-production factories.

    India must indeed have Swaraj but she must have it by righteous methods. Our Swaraj must be real Swaraj, which cannot be attained by either violence or industrialization. India was once a golden land, because Indians then had hearts of gold. The land is still the same but it is a desert because we are corrupt. It can become a land of gold again only if the base metal of our present national character is transmuted into gold. The philosopher's stone which can effect this 1transformation is a little word of two syllables—Satya (Truth). If every Indian sticks to truth, Swaraj will come to us of its own accord.



1 Institutions,' says Herbert Spencer, 'are dependent on character ; and however changed in their superficial aspects, cannot be changed in their essential natures faster than character changes.'


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