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Pathway to God
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     Mahatma Gandhiji was primarily a man of God. He was a great devotee of Daridranarayan—an humble and passionate servant of Humanity. Truth was his "End" and Love was his "Means". His ever-expanding love aspired to embrace and serve the whole of humanity —especially the poor and the miserable. This passion for service led him to work in all spheres of life — social, educational, economic and even political. However, God-realization alone was his all-absorbing ideal —the main spring of all his varied activities. He ardently aspired to "see God face to face".

    In my earlier work entitled Light of India —acclaimed as "original", "unique" and "excellent" by the elite of Bharat, I have tried to give a fairly comprehensive view of almost all the important aspects of Mahatmaji's message to humanity. Since then several monumental works also have been published throwing light on this all-important subject. But unfortunately, the fruit is missed among the rich foliage. The main spring of Mahatmaji's activities has been woefully overlooked as a result of which the present activities have been deprived of their energizing vitality. Hence I have tried to bring the core of his message to the notice of the young aspirants, through this fresh compilation, so that it may serve as a perennial source of inspiration to them in their budding lives.

    Such is the object with which this "Great-Little" book has been designed —great in content, though


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