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Gandhi's Human Touch
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Gandhi's Human Touch

     Judged from any angle, Mahatma Gandhi was undoubtedly a unique phenomenon. The more one dives deeper into his life and thought, the more vivid the realization how colossal was that phenomenon. Gandhi's influence on Jayaprakash Narayan was overwhelming. Jayaprakash Narayan's transformation from an ardent Marxist into a votary of non-violent Total Revolution, imbibing the Gandhian approach and outlook for the establishment of a just and humane society in India, bears the imprint of that influence.

    A difficult terrain to comprehend in Gandhi's life and mission is his human touch. It is difficult in the sense that its comprehension requires the wholesome understanding of Gandhi's personality - his thought and actions - and incisive knowledge about the sensitive human situations which gave vent to this vibrant element in Gandhi's personality. Indeed, it requires the churning of the whole gamut of Gandhi's life and work. Fortunately, Professor Madhu Dandavate has undertaken this difficult task and carried it out commendably well.

    For Professor Madhu Dandavate, the study of Gandhi has been a passion which remained with him undiminished for decades together. All along, his sustained engagement in this context was to re-assess Gandhi and the merit of his approach and methodology for the benefit of his comrades in the socialist movement in India. During his 19-months long detention at the Bangalore Central Jail, during the Emergency in 1975 - 77, Professor Dandavate wrote his famous book Marx

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