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The Story of Gandhi
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made him a good administrator. He was brave and generous. He had, however, one fault-a bad temper.

    Putlibai, Karamchand Gandhi's wife, was deeply religious. Every day she worshipped at the temple. She was a lovable and strong-willed woman, widely respected for her wisdom and good sense. People often sought her advice on various matters.

    Mohandas was the youngest of the six children of Kaba Gandhi. He was the favourite child of the family and was called 'Moniya' by his fond parents and their friends. Moniya adored his mother. He loved his father too, but he was a little afraid of him.

    As a child, Moniya seldom liked to stay at home. He would go home for his meals and then run away again to play outside. If one of his brothers teased
him or- playfully pulled his ears, he would run home to complain to his mother.'Why didn't you hit him ?' she would ask.

    'How can you teach me to hit people, mother ? Why should I hit my brother ? Why should I hit anyone ?' would be Moniya's prompt reply.

The entrace to the house at Rajkot


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