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A Gandhi Anthology - Book 1
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Satyagraha but because I know that it results in the long run in the least loss of life, and what is more, it ennobles those who lose their lives and morally enriches the world for their sacrifice.


     The main thing. . . is for women to know how to be fearless. It is my firm conviction that a fearless woman who knows that her purity is her best shield can never be dishonoured. However beastly the man, he will bow in shame before the flame of her dazzling purity . . . It [the art of becoming fearless] can best be learnt from a living faith in God. Though He is invisible, He is our unfailing protector. He who has this faith is the most fearless of all.

    But such faith or courage cannot be acquired in a day. Meanwhile we must try to explore other means. When a woman is assaulted, she may not stop to think in terms of himsa or ahimsa. Her primary duty is self-protection. She is at liberty to employ every method or means that comes to her mind in order to defend her honour. God has given her nails and teeth. She must use them with all her strength and if need be,


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