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A Gandhi Anthology - Book 1
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die in the effort. . . Whether a man crawls on his belly or whether a woman yields to the lust of man, it is symbolic of that same love of life which makes us stoop to anything. Therefore only he who loses his life shall save it ; ¦ãñ¶ã ¦¾ã‡ã‹¦ãñ¶ã ¼ãìš•ããè©ãã: ý... To enjoy life one should give up the lure of life. That should be part of our nature.


     If I had been a citizen of Switzerland . . . what I would have done would be to refuse passage to the invading army by refusing all supplies. Secondly by re-enacting a Thermopylae in Switzerland, [I] would have presented a living wall of men and women and children, and invited the invaders to walk over our corpses. . The army would be brutal enough to walk over them, you might say. I would then say you will still

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