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Day to day with Gandhi - Volume VII
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     Does a Preface mean a skipping glance over the book in order to draw the readers' attention to its special features ? At least that is how this is written.

      This volume-a further report of Gandhiji's tour in 1925- is replete with novel incidents, remarkable expressions, and beautiful pictures of men and things.

      For instance, the following flash in the darkness that continues to prevail, or rather to deepen in India. Besides a schism even the Swaraj party, communal tension continues to grow worse. But where lesser men would quail, Gandhiji upholds the torch of faith with a tenacity all his own. In his Convocation Address as the Chancellor of the Gujarat Vidyapith, Gandhiji says :

      "Let us not lose ourselves in the darkness of despair that has spread all around us. Let us not look at the sky outside for the sight of the warming rays of hope, but go into ourselves in search of them." ( pp.287 )

      But this is overstepping the chronological order. The eyes of India are at present focussed on Bangla Desh and it is a noteworthy co-incidence that, in order that the reader may have a glimpse of real Bengal, the book begins with Bengal and is largely devoted to it.

      There is first of all the happy picture of Miyajan, a Muslim star-spinner of Khadi Pratishthan, an organization serving the


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