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Mahatma Gandhi and one World
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      The United Nations Organisation symbolises the hopes and aspirations of the people of the world for a central authority which can control the activities of all nations eventually. Science and technology have brought the world together and made it a single body. Economic systems are becoming interdependent. Intellectual ideas are circulating all over the world. And what is necessary, is to give a soul to this organisation which is shaping itself before our eyes.

    We are the victims of a nationalist and a militarist kind of society, where nations are regarded as supreme and for achieving the aims and political ambitions of those nations, we hitherto resorted to the use of force, but we have come to the condition when the nation State has to be subordinated to the larger concept of world community. Unless we are able to do it, unless we give up the use of force-intolerable, detestable and wicked in a world where nuclear weapons have developed-it will not be possible for us to bring about peace in this world.

    What are we trying to do? It is a change in the minds of men that has to be brought about. We are still believing in the nation State and in the right to use force to have our own aims realized. These are the things which have us by


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