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The Story of Gandhi
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    His mother wondered where her little son got such ideas. Moniya was just seven years old when his father left Porbandar to become the Dewan of Rajkot. Moniya missed Porbandar, and he missed the blue sea and the ships in the harbour.

    At Rajkot he was sent to a primary school. He was shy and did not mix easily with the other children. Every morning he went to school in time, and ran back home as soon as school was over. His books were his sole companions and he spent all his free time alone reading.

    He had one friend,however, a boy named Uka.Uka was a sweeperboy and an untouchable. One day Moniya was given some sweets. He ran at once to Uka to share them with him.

     'Don't come near me little master,' said Uka. 'Why not ?' asked Moniya, greatly surprised. 'Why can't I come near you ?'.

     'I am an untouchable, master,' Uka replied. Moniya took hold of

Mongia at age of Seven


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