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     [Bapu's remark at the end of this note clearly shows how it hurt him to have to say that any creature should be killed, but, at the same time, his logic and common sense compelled him to admit the necessity under certain conditions. We did not go further into the subject at that time, because I felt the pain he felt, and wanted not to prolong it. There is, however, one important point which should not ;be left unsaid, and that is that wholesale killing of any species of animal, bird or insect, can be very undesirable. For instance, if, in a wild area, you kill off too many leopards and tigers, the deer will greatly increase and eat up the crops, and if you kill off too many deer, the leopards and tigers will begin to prey upon the cattle seriously, because their natural food supply has been reduced. It is the same thing with birds and even with insects. Nature has a finely adjusted balance which must be carefully studied before taking any action.]

    When I asked Bapu as to how we should deal with dangerous wild animals such as tigers, bears, panthers etc., and also snakes and scorpions, he said:

    "It is a difficult question. If I am to give a definite answer for acting upon, I must debate it in my mind for a while."

    I suggested to Bapu that it will be a question which we shall have to settle on a nation-wide scale before long, and I would ask him again after he had thought it over for two or three days. When I again asked Bapu he replied:


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