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Day to day with Gandhi - Volume VII
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people 85% of whom are Muslims, though 2/3rds of its workers are Hindus. And does not the spectacle of Bharat forgetting the fact that there had been 3 waves of exclusively Hindu refugees and supporting the Government on its open-door policy today to accommodate, at considerable cost to herself, Bengali refugees of all communities, support Gandhiji's following view ?

          "Hindus have absorbed Spanish, Italians, Huns… … It ( pollution ) is a           later growth…………We were not exclusive. Hinduism's beauty is that is           not a missionary religion counting heads like Islam or Christianity. It has           carried on obsorption unconsciously. It has followed a sort of natural           accretion". (pp. 20).

     Gandhiji had the satisfaction to see that Khadi was in greater vogue among the women of Bengal than among those of any other Indian Province and that though the purdah was very much in evidence there, all of the women removed their veils before Gandhiji and a large number even before his party.

     But in contrast with these pleasing sights, Mahadevbhai saw palaces surrounded by hutments, where dwelt the masses 'through whose sweating toil these palaces have reared their proud heads, but who do not, get even one full meal a day' (pp. 30). The book gives further some old figures, which are worth remembering even now-so long as India remains a poor country. Lord Curzon put the average annual income of India at Rs. 33 and Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji at Rs. 23. When to this fact not materially changed even now is added the great gulf


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