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Mahatma Gandhi and one World
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the throat. Though we are members of this international community, though we call ourselves members of the United Nations, our loyalties are to our own nation States; they are not to the world as a whole, not to humanity as a whole. We must break away from the past. We must get out of the rut in which we have lived.

    Gandhi once said: "I want my country to be free. I do not want a fallen and prostrate India. I want an India which is free and enlightened. Such an India, if necessary, should be prepared to die so that humanity may live".

    Nationalism is not the highest concept. The highest concept is world community. It is that kind of world community to which we have to attach ourselves. It is unfortunate that we are still the victims of concepts which are outmoded, which are outdated. so to say. We are living in a new world, and in a new world, a new type of man is necessary, and unless we change our minds,change our hearts,it will not be possible for us to survive in this world.

    The challenge that is open to us is survival or annihilation. It is easy for us to say, we wish to survive but what are we doing to bring about that survival? Are we prepared to surrender a fraction of our national sovereignty for the sake of a world order? Are we prepared to submit.


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