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Mahatma Gandhi - Reflection on his Personality and Teachings
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     There are many evils and weaknesses in this world, but the greatest weakness, the greatest evil is fear. Fear is the root cause of all the other evils. That individual or nation that is beset with fear will suffer from many handicaps and wil never be able to hold its head high. We derived our strength from Gandhiji. It was he who taught us to shed all fear from our minds and to be united and fearless against a mighty empire. Why should our people be afraid of each other, whether in Bengal or Assam? Why should they forget that India is something bigger than both Bengal and Assam.

    It is only the illiterate and people with small minds who put one Indian language against or above another. Those who are wise try and learn other languages without setting up one against another. Alas, in what a bog of errors have we fallen! Ours is a big country and in its long history there are good as well as bad things. We are now in a new age, with our minds fresh and new strength in our limbs, but again the same old conflicts have begun to reappear amongst us and tie us down.

    Let us look at the world around us. We thought that the international climate was improving but it has really gone worse. People have started rattling swords against one another. In this situation any smugness on our part, any loss of unity, will make us weak and we will fall. We have to keep our eyes and minds open. We have specially to remember the man who generated so much power in India, who kept us together and who got freedom for us. To repeat or remember his name is not enough. We must keep his teachings in mind and thereby enrich our country.

    India is not a small country. She cannot long afford to go on with small conflicts and petty problems. She is destined either to hold her head high in the world and to move up — or to fall. We have no middle course. The days are gone by when anyone amongst us would stoop to bring about our country's fall.


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