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Indian Home Rule or Hind Swaraj
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In Preparing this work for publication I have been very fortunate in receiving generous help from a number of colleagues from different parts of the world-Canada, India, Great Britain, the United States and South Africa — and it gives me great pleasure to express my gratitude to each of them. T. K. N. Unnithan first encouraged me to undertake this project; Christopher A. Bayly, Philip Charrier, Margaret Chatterjee, Dennis Dalton, James Hunt, Bhikhu Parekh and Anil Sethi read various versions of my introduction and notes and suggested ways of improving them. Jayshree Joshi, Nathubhai Joshi, Ramanbhai Modi and C. N. Patel spent many hours with me going over the Gujarati background of Gandhi and Hind Swaraj. Umesh Vyas very generously checked the references to the Gujarati text. Richard Bingle, Martin Moir and Edward Moulton helped me find valuable bibliographical data. Irene Joshi of the University of Wasshington Library found for me the Tolstoy-Taraknathe Das material. Hasim Seedat of Durban put at my disposal his private Gandhi library.

    I am most grateful to the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute for a senior Research Fellowship for the 1990 fall term and to the University of Calgary for a Killam Resident Fellowship for the 1992 winter term. A Visiting Fellowship at Clare Hall, Cambridge for the 1994 Lent and Easter terms helped me greatly in the final stages of this work. Carolyn Andres of the Department of Political Science, University of Calgary, has been very diligent in getting the typescript ready.

    My special thanks go to John Dunn and Geoffrey Hawthorn for inviting me to contribute to their series and for their editorial advice.

    John Haslam and Anne Dunbar-Nobes of Cambridge University Press have exercised mahatma-like patience and skill in getting this volume ready for publication. To them my sincere thanks.

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