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Food for the Soul
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     THIS second title in the "Pocket Gandhi Series" deals with the subject of prayer and as such may well be regarded as a companion volume to the first title : God is Truth. These both titles together contain the very fundamentals which governed Gandhiji's entire life and invested it with a spiritual beauty and grace all its own.

    In Gandhiji's storm-tossed life, prayer was the only sheet-anchor that he relied upon in times of doubt, difficulty or distress. There was not an occasion of trial, when he felt he was going under, as it were, that he did not invoke the aid of prayer. And since his prayer sprang from the inmost depths of his heart, it was invariably heard by God—the Rock of Ages—who every time unfailingly came to his succour and saved him.

    Here in this book the reader will find Gandhiji's personal testimony on prayer, its power and potency, its meaning and purpose, and the place it needs must occupy in our individual as well as collective life. With Gandhiji, prayer was a spiritual necessity, a sort of a purifying bath which washed the dirt off his soul and thus, rendering it clean and sweet, made it a fitter instrument for communion with the Divine. And it was his belief, based on personal experience, that just as food is indispensable for the maintenance of our physical body, so is prayer indispensable for the sustenance of our soul. In fact, he regarded prayer as the


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