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The Law of Love
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     THE message of Love and Non-violence, embodied in this the third title of the "Pocket Gandhi Series," is as old as the hills. All the great teachers of mankind have preached it with varying emphasis from times immemorial.

    But in this age of the nuclear bomb, when the world is in the grip of fear, hatred and violence of all sorts, this message of Love and Non-violence from Gandhiji comes with an added force and significance, and offers a welcome relief to the distressed minds of all the lovers of humanity. For, never before has the world stood in such a sore need of this message as now when it hovers so perilously on the brink of disaster that even a single false step is likely to spell its doom for ever.

    Himself love-incarnate, Gandhiji has shown by his own example how to achieve victory over the forces of darkness and destruction, and convert even the so-called enemies into friends by power of love and by suffering in one's own person. Jesus' suffering had always drawn his deepest admiration, and he, too, walked the same thorny path for redeeming the humanity of its sins and sorrows.

    According to Gandhiji, it is the Law of Love, i.e., Non-violence, that rules the world and sustains all life on this planet below. He, therefore, pleads for its ac-


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