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Gandhi's Human Touch
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Gandhi's Human Touch
Gandhi's Human Touch
     My colleague, Inder Gujralji, Dr. Vivekanandan, Ladies and gentlemen,

    To me it is indeed a privilege to have the opportunity to deliver JP Memorial Lecture on "Gandhi's Human Touch", a subject which is very close to my heart. I think, in the present world, full of hatred, bitterness, cruelty, racial discrimination, communal tensions, inequities, human degradation and erosion of values, Gandhi is more relevant today than at any other time. In the context of the present situation, I strongly feel that there is an imperative need to recapture the spirit and human touch of Gandhi. While I speak on the subject, I am reminded of my recent address at the Institute of Applied Manpower Research, in which I spoke on planning in India. I said that in our country, if we have any respect for Gandhi, we must have planning, whose base is social and human and the apex is economic. I deliberately avoided the term 'human face', because in these days of modern cosmetics, face can be human, and yet the soul and heart can be cruel.

Begin from the End

     I just ask a question to myself: From where should I begin the subject of my speech? I have made up my mind. I will begin from the end.

    Gandhi died on 30th January 1948. When I take


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