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The Murder of The Mahatma and Other Cases from a Judge's Note-Book
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The Murder of The Mahatma
and Other Cases from a Judge’s Note-Book

By G. D. Khosla
Formerly Chief Justice of the Punjab.

With a Foreword by
The Right Honourable, The Lord Evershed, Q.C.

Published 1963, Chatto & Windus, London.

This book deals with the Appeal trial of the convicted, Murderers of Mahatma Gandhi, in the High Court of the Punjab. The book deals with Other famous cases heard by Chief Justice G. D. Khosla. The last case in the book titled "The Crime of Nathuram Godse" deals with the Murder of The Mahatma. The Chapter is from page 201 to page 245 of the book. It covers the trial, the testimony of Godse, the upholding of the sentences except in the case of Parchure and Shankar Kishtaiyya who were acquitted and also gives a graphic account of the Execution of the sentence on Godse and Apte in the Ambala Prison which was attended by Justice Khosla as the Sentencing Judge.

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