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The Debate in the Constituent Assembly
Sardar Questioned on Police Inaction

On 6th February 1948 :

In a debate on the murder in the Constituent Assembly of India the Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was asked to explain the lacunae in the police actions.

We quote the relevant questions and answer from the records.

Shri Balkrishna Sharma : "Is it true that on the day of the bomb blast during the search of the room at Marina Hotel cloths were found bearing the initials N.V.G. – Nathuram Vinayak Godse -. On the Basis of which the police went to Bombay and requested the Bombay police to look for this person, the Bombay police assured the Delhi police to do the needful and asked them to return, but did nothing. Is it true that the Bombay Police failed in tracing Nathuram Vinayak Godse?"

Sardar Patel : "To comment on matters under investigation is both difficult and unwarranted. I can only say that after the arrest and interrogation of the bomber an officer of Delhi police went to Bombay and briefed the C.I.D. in Bombay. After the briefing it was decided that some people should be arrested but to arrest them immediately would lead to the other conspirators going underground. So the Delhi police and Bombay C.I.D. decided to defer the arrests for some time to enable them to uncover the conspiracy and all who were involved in it. It is true that the police were on a look out for them but all of them were not in Bombay."

The Police kept investigating the conspiracy. In the meantime the gang reassembled at Delhi and murdered the Mahatma on 30th January 1948. Was a martyred Mahatma easier to live with?

- Tushar A. Gandhi.