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Digambar Ramchandra Badge

Aged 35 in 1948, Badge ran a small shop selling non-licensed weapons such as swords, daggers, Tiger claws and chainmail jackets. He was influenced by Savarkar and used to supply weapons to the Hindu Mahasabha Cadres. Although he was known to Apte, Godse and Karkare, he was never trusted by the trio. Badge by his contacts provided guns and explosives for the murderers. Although he was not able to provide the automatic pistol desired by Godse, he provided a Sten gun for Apte and the hand grenades and bombs carried by the gang. The gun cotton bomb exploded by Madanlal was supplied by Badge.

Badge turned an approver and was granted a pardon in the Gandhi Murder Trial. After the case Badge lived and operated an arms manufacturing and sales unit from a small room in the Bombay CID Head Quarters.

-Tushar A. Gandhi.