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Dr. Dattatraya Sadashiv Parchure

Parchure 47, was a doctor and the chief of the Hindu Sena in Gwalior. He was approached by Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte for an automatic revolver on 28th January 1948. Parchure requested Dandavate, an absconding accused in the murder case, to arrange for a gun for Godse, Dandavate met Jagdishprasad Goel and offered to buy his revolver, a 9mm Beretta automatic and seven rounds of ammunition, he offered Goel Rs.500 and a replacement gun. After delivering the gun, Apte and Godse tested it out in the back yard of Parchure's house and gave Rs.300/- to Dandavate, and promised to pay the balance later. Goel was furious on receiving a country made pistol and only Rs.300/- and wanted his revolver back but by then the revolver was on its way to Delhi with Nathuram Godse and Apte.

Parchure in his statement claimed to have known about the intentions of Nathuram Godse and Apte. He reportedly even boasted about having helped Nathuram. On the evening of the 30th when news of the murder reached Gwalior Parchure distributed sweets to rejoice the murder of the Mahatma. He also publicly boasted about his role in the murder.

Parchure was sentenced to life by the special court of Justice Atmacharan but was acquitted by the High court.

-Tushar A. Gandhi.