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Gopal Godse

A matriculate. He was 27, married and had two daughters. During the Second World War he joined the Military Ordinance Service as a civilian clerk. In 1944 he was made Assistant Storekeeper at the Ordinance Depot at Kirkee, Pune. He had kept a service revolver, which was issued to him during his tour of duty in Iraq and Iran. Gopal Godse did not return it and had buried it in the yard of their village house. On being informed of the conspiracy by his hero Nathuram, Gopal joined them with a promise that he would only bring his stolen revolver if he were to use it himself. Nathuram gave him RS. 250 and asked him to bring the revolver to Delhi. It was discovered that the gun did not work and in one of the trial recorded, it is mentioned that Gopal tried to repair it. For all the bravado about wanting to actually use the gun and carry out the deed of murdering the Mahatma, the plan of the first attempt on 20th did not put any active duties on Apte, Nathuram and Gopal Godse. When the plan failed they were the first to escape.

Gopal Godse was arrested on 5th of February from his house in Pune. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. Gopal Godse lives in Pune with his wife and still propagates his brother's philosophy and justifies the murder of the Mahatma.

-Tushar A. Gandhi.