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  Books - 114   Photographs - 456
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Autobiography - The Story of My Experiments With Truth - By M.K.Gandhi
Available in : English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Assamese, Bengali, Kannada

 The Teaching Of The Gita - By M.K.Gandhi
 and many more books ....

 By Gandhi - Writings of Mahatma Gandhi.
 On Gandhi - Articles and Books on Mahatma by  Various Author's.
Last Days - Books on the Murder-conspiracy    Investigation and Trial.
pictures.jpg (3924 bytes)A pictorial biography of the life of Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba. The photographs are from our electronic archives. They are digitally enhanced and available in downloadable files.

100 years of Phoenix Settlement
The Phoenix Settlement in Durban South Africa is celebrating its centenary in 2004. A photographic
tribute from birth to destruction to rebirth.

  Poems - 86 Performing Arts   Mahatma in Cartoons - 117
Poems written on Mahatma Gandhi
by poets in various languages.
Mahatma Gandhi has inspired many original creations in the Performing Arts. toons.jpg (1798 bytes)During his lifetime and after, Mahatma Gandhi was potrayed by caricature artists in many different ways. A selection of cartoons published in a book called Mahatma in Cartoons is featured here.
New Book Release "Lets's kill Gandhi!" authored by Tushar A. Gandhi
  New Book Release     Indian Opinion - 2   Comics - 3
legacy.jpg (1317 bytes) Legacy of Love By Arun Gandhi-Stories of the author's childhood years with his grandfather Mahatma Gandhi.
io.jpg (1886 bytes) Celebrates its centenary this year. Three generations of the Gandhi family worked to produce the weekly. We display two commemorative issues and an authoratative article on its history and significance. Comics A set of three biographical comic books in English, Hindi, and Gujarati.
  Philately - 65  Video - 7 & Audio - 16   Multimedia
stamp-cover105.jpg (6155 bytes) A collection of commemorative stamps from around the world featuring Mahatma Gandhi.

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videosam.jpg (1965 bytes) Excerpts of film footage depicting the life and death of Mahatma Gandhi.

audiosam.jpg (2116 bytes)  Audio excerpts of his speeches. Biographic songs and Mahatma Gandhi's favourite bhajans.

100pics.jpg (1147 bytes) The life of the Mahatma in 100 pictures- A biographical sketchbook in Flash

multimedia.jpg (904 bytes) A biographical Flash movie on the life of Mahatma Gandhi featuring photographs, audio and video clippings.