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Tuesday, 20th January, 1948.

Achieve peace through love, not arms

At his prayer meeting on the evening of the 18th, Bapu said in a dictated message read out by Dr. Sushila Nayyar, I have terminated my fast. The kindness I have received from the people of Delhi, including the refugees, I shall never forget. I experienced the same love in Calcutta. We must never, under any circumstances, treat anyone as an enemy. We have all to live in harmony. If we in India hope to be friends with the whole world, there is no reason why we should be enemies of the Muslims in our own land. I am not a prophet, but God has granted me the power of reason and a heart. My reason and my heart tell me that if, for some reason, we are unable to forge friendship between Hindus and Muslims, not only here but in Pakistan and in the whole of the world, we shall not be able to keep our free India for long. It will pass into the hands of others, and we will become a slave people again. Pakistan too will become a slave country, and the freedom we have gained will be lost.

Many people have showered blessings on me today, and assured me that Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims will live as brothers, and under no provocation become enemies of each other. This is not a small thing. It means that from now on, our endeavour will be to see that the peoples of Pakistan and India remain friends. The spirit behind my fast must be preserved. What happens in Delhi will happen in the whole of India. And what happens in India will happen in Pakistan. Have no doubt about it. So long we were heading towards Satan. From now on, I hope we shall begin to move towards God. We must pledge that once our face is turned towards God we shall never turn it away. When that happens, India and Pakistan will unitedly be able to serve the world and make it nobler. I do not wish to live for any other purpose. May God grant good sense to us and to all in the world. May He awaken and draw us all to Him, so that India and the world may be happy. May God who is Truth, guide us as He visibly guided us during all these six days.

The doctors and the members of his entourage fussed over him. Millions rejoiced. On Monday, Bapu''s day of silence, he was back to work from early morning as though he had not undergone a strenuous fast at all! Letter after letter he patiently dictated. They restressed the fundamentals of proper living as always. God has seen us through this penance. Everyone has to stand face to face with God; else there is perdition. Observe restraint.Stay on there, and do whatever service you can.God is always present in all good work. Such were the words he used to urge the people to feel the presence of living God, to have faith in themselves, and to live for others every moment of their lives.

Referring to the numerous letters and telegrams he was receiving, Bapu said in his written speech for the evening prayer meeting, In this great country of ours, there is room for all. The condition of keeping me in your midst is that all communities live at peace with one another, not by force of arms, but in love, than which there is no better cement in the whole world.

Tuesday was another day of steady work as the Mahatma strove to come quickly back to his routine and catch up with items that had fallen behind during his fast.

Doctors B. C. Roy, Jivraj Mehta and Sushila Nayyar, who examined Bapu later in the morning, said in their bulletin,Though Gandhiji looks better and is cheerful, his internal systems are not yet functioning normally. Therefore, his convalescence is likely to be prolonged. It is essential during this period that he should be kept free from worries and mental strain as far as possible.

It was a significant prayer meeting in the evening on the lawns of Birla House. In his speech, Gandhiji said,If the people of Delhi and the refugees here stand firm, then whatever may happen outside, I am certain that they will be able to save India as well as Pakistan.

A loud explosion interrupted the peace of the evening. Manu Gandhi, on the dais, was shocked and was seen trembling as she moved closer to the Mahatma, along with others. Gandhiji spoke to her, Why do you get so scared? Some military personnel might have been taking training. What will you do if someone really comes to kill us? Resuming his speech in his low voice, he called for the audience to calm themselves and sit down in proper order.

A crude bomb made of a slab of guncotton directed at his life had caused the explosion about 70 feet away from where Bapu was speaking. A young refugee from the Punjab, Madanlal, about 20 years of age, was arrested by the authorities. The Mahatma continued his speech unperturbed. He was not one to be scared by violence.