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MAHADEVBHAI (1892-1942)
Written and directed by Ramu Ramanathan
produced and performed by Jaimini Pathak
Duration: 1 hour 55 minutes, including a 10-minute interval

In an age of increasing communalism and casteism, when violence is becoming a norm rather than an aberration, MAHADEVBHAI (1892-1942) is a reminder of a healthy tradition that is slowly being obliterated by the devices of deep hatred and prejudice.
The play is based on the daily diary that Mahadev Desai, secretary and onlooker to Gandhiji, maintained during the period 1917 to 1942, in which he jotted down the innumerable letters to and by Gandhiji, as well as conversations and bantering, lectures and discourses. All of this made Mahadevbhai a key witness to Gandhiji, besides proving Mahadevbhai's own commitment to Satyagraha and the struggle for independence.
The form chosen is of lively storytelling, interspersed with humour, as one actor plays out various historical characters like Gandhiji, Mahadevbhai, Nehru, Patel and Ambedkar, among others. Besides the obvious historical happenings, there is an attempt to contextualise the freedom movement and the birth of the democratic nation, with events in contemporary India.
As part of producer-performer Jaimini Pathak's aim to reach out to an audience of young people, he is taking the play to school and college students. In a lighter vein, he says, “I want them to know, before it is too late, that History didn't begin with satellite television coming to India!”
Writer and director Ramu Ramanathan has attempted “to take strength from the processes of the past.” He states, “I am wearing my heart on my sleeve... the fact that we have amnesia about this past is frightening.”
MAHADEVBHAI (1892-1942) attempts to remind us of the times that were and create a show that is as captivating as the men and women themselves.

Research and Music Design Kinnari Vohra
Set Design Nikhil Khadilkar and Vinesh Iyer
Lights Suruchi Aulakh
Sound Avafrin Mistry
Production Hrishikesh Dutt Majumder
Backstage Tushar Guha
Publicity Design Special Effects
Contact: Jaimini Pathak – 98200 77429 e-Mail:

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