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As awful screens pierce through the pitch black     night,
And groans move man to untold grief,
Heart stinging wails of pitiful helpless woo
Grip the earth, and hold it nationless.
Mohandas is dead Oh, lover of pence
Gandhi, sapphire of the East
No onrthly splendors softened thy rocky path,
No gorgeous jewels shone to light thy way,
No ornate garb adorned thy senior loins,
Yet over millions thy mystic voice hold sway.

No single nation can claim thee for its own,
No cline, no saco, no men.
You walked in grave humility,
Worshipped, honored, loved, alone.
Your peace, your calm, your sould
Never swerved from its unalterable path,
Your will, a gripping binding force,
Girded the turbulent globe.

When stars are plucked from Heaven's breast,
After burning and bursting in glorious flame
And finally lose their beauteous light
Then fade to obscurity, unseen and forgot;
When mountains violently belch from ocean beds,
And loose the earth from its stalwart course,
Then settle, age, and shrink to level plnins
And finally sin k beneath the stony crust;
When comets roar from unknown firemonts
To hurl in furious hasto, and leave no trace,
Thy spirit will live on.

No bloody hand can faith and right,
No flaming pyre can still the voice of truth,
No sacred river can absorb the dust of agos,
You'll live as long as thore's hope, and love, and     life :