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Happily settled today we are
amid dumb dust and debris.
We are owners today of cars
on easy, affordable instalments.
Instalments of death reach us
almost every moment, easily.
Hunger, the undying tiger, leaves
its marks on million wimpling bellies
Where barkings are heard
unstoppable even without dogs.
Has anything changed at all even today?

I would not have told you all these-
had you not gone beyond the zone
of joy and grief. And I know, how,
Over years, you have been changed into
an ineffectual elfin, slumbering
in silence, without even the clamor
or tremor of dreams, hope's elder
sisters clambering towards our bones
I know, you won't be angry with me,
as you never were, when all at once
that unfeeling breath took away your breath !

Bedecking a scare-crow smile on your lips,
you must live by, as we often do go by.