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Bapu I was late to come
I couldn't see you
You left my land
When I grew up I felt
The land in a colonial cage
Body freed mind ceased
Your cap, and Khadi attire
Hijacked to mask power and pelf
As the sea hides the blackness of sky.

Bapu, I do not feel your touch
In the actors on the pulpits
Chanting your name, swearing
On your name, seeking mandate
On your name like an apostle.
They dump you on the comfort stations.

Bapu, your monkeys, how obedient
To your letter ! Do not see anything wrong
Do not listen, Do not speak against the wrong.
Bapu, I am not your monkey
You haven't tamed me
So I see, listen and speak,
I am condemned as anti-Gandhian.
In this country it is a sin to speak against Gandhi
But a routine to work against Gandhi.
Bapu forgive me and my crime
Godse was better than these cap-bearers
Godse killed you once, they kill you everyday.

Bapu come, come once again,
For my sake, for my country's sake
It's more difficult to fight against own people
I'll preserve your D.N.A. to make
Your clown whenever you are needed
In the incessant fight.